Is the interior of your cruiser, cabin boat, luxury yacht or mega yacht in need of a refurbish? If your interior is looking faded and worn, consider our interior boat wraps, which can be custom designed to meet your exact needs.

Interior Vinyl Boat Wraps

Our interior vinyl boat wraps can be used on almost any surface, from walls to cabinets, and there’s no need to perform a lot of prep-work prior to the installation. This means that you won’t have to clean the interior of your boat or yacht or remove furniture or custom finishes. Instead, the wraps can be placed directly over the existing surfaces, to give the interior of your yacht the exact look and feel you need in order to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for your bedrooms, galley, dining areas and lounge areas. We can even apply our interior boat wraps to the walls of your lavatories. 

Predesigned Interior Boat Wraps

You can choose from our large selection of predesigned interior boat wraps. We offer nautical themes, solid colors, and patterns, including wood grains, so that you can choose the right colors for your needs. Each pre-designed interior boat wrap is cut to your specifications so that it covers as much or as little of your interior as you desire. You can even mix and match our pre-designed wraps in order to better define your yacht’s interior spaces.

Custom Interior Boat Wraps

When you want a completely custom look for the interior of your boat, you can upload your image from your personal graphic designer, and we’ll create your completely custom interior boat wrap. By choosing our custom boat wrap service, you are guaranteed to have the most unique interior of any luxury yacht on the water without the hassle of having to ensure weeks of drydocking and remodeling.


To learn more about our interior boat and yacht wraps, give us a call today.