About Us

We have been designing and installing vinyl wraps for over a decade. Each custom designed boat or yacht wrap is made from durable marine-grade vinyl that is resistant to chipping, abrasions, scratches, and fading. There’s also no need to buff our wraps. Instead, they clean easily with water and a soft cloth.

Our Luxury Boat Wraps

All of our boat wrap materials are sourced from high-quality, well-known and proven manufacturers, including 3M and Avery, and every boat wrap is finished with a durable laminate overlay that ensures long-lasting wear that is resistant to scratches, dings, and dents.

Full and Partial Exterior Boat Wraps

Our full and partial exterior boat wraps can be customized to your exact needs, whether you’re looking to completely change the exterior color scheme or simply adding your business or brand logo to the side of your boat. Each full or partial boat wrap is custom designed and cut to your exact specifications so that when it arrives, it only has to be applied. This reduces the amount of time your boat spends in the dry dock so that you can spend more time on the water.

Interior Boat Wraps

Our interior boat wraps can add color and style to your interior. We offer the ability to completely customize your design, or you can choose from one or more of our existing designs. You can also mix and match designs to get a completely custom look for the interior of your boat and to help you define spaces and create ambiance.